Hire remote software developers in Asia

Hiring remotely with Emerhub

  1. Choose the developers you want to hire or work with Emerhub’s recruiters to find them.
  2. Emerhub signs employment contracts with your employees and charges you a monthly service fee (10% of the salary).
  3. The developers will be working for you. You should treat them as your in-house employees. We will serve as the local HR department – manage the payroll, report taxes, answer any employment queries.
  4. We also provide work stations in our offices if you wish your employees to have a physical work station.
Freelance sites Software development agencies Employer of record
Manage software projects remotely
HR matters are handled by the service provider
Decide which developers work for your project
Developers are managed by the service provider
Developers are your in-house employees
Developers get full-time employment benefits such as social security
Use cases Best for short-term non-critical assignments. Best if you want to outsource an entire project and don’t need to control how it is delivered. Pay the local market rates of full-time developers plus 15% service fee.

We’ve been using Emerhub for over a year now, and they have been instrumental in the setup of our first remote development team in Indonesia by providing Recruitment Services. Monica and the team have been wonderful to deal with, and have found some great tech talent for our growing team.

Paul Ferrett, Head of Development, Catch Group